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Chicken Coop Security

This fall, I had a nice flock of hens and they seemed to be doing good.  I started to loose a hen here and there.  I made a check of the coop and did not see anything that seemed to be a problem (my coop is a barn stall with an attached outside covered run).  This continued for a time with one missing every now and then.  Soon my flock was almost wiped out.  I finally found a small hole in the chicken wire, that was almost unnoticeable unless you moved the wire.  I did finally catch on predator, a large opossum.

I plan on some upgrade/repairs to my coop before I order my spring chicks.  My run is fenced with chicken wire at the present time.  Anyone that knows this stuff knows that it is not sturdy at all.  A hole had been chewed in my wire.  My plans for the fence is to use welded wire fence fastened over top of the existing chicken wire in place.  A lesson I learned is that you can’t be to secure.  I opted to save money on my wire purchase and it cost me in the long run.

My coop also has openings at the top for ventilation purposes.  I left these holes uncovered and though this is not a big area I believe that it could be possible for predators to enter through this area.  My plans for this is two cover this area with wire which will still allow for ventilation but will hopefully keep out anyone wanting a free chicken dinner.

I can remember when I finished this I was pleased and thought the chickens will be safe and they were for years.  I suggest to anyone who has chickens that you make daily checks on your coops.  A person should make detailed inspections no anything that could be considered a weak point.